Flooring & Sills

We now offer a range of Brazilian Flooring Slate and Slate Sills

Our product is sourced from Brazil due to the following factors:

  • Excellent range of sizes available
  • Exceptional quality
  • Competitive pricing
  • All tiles are calibrated to reduce fixing costs.

Finishes available in:

  • Natural rivened
  • Polished or antique finish

Colours available:

  • Grey Green & Dark Grey

Suitable for both external and internal use for:

  • Flooring, cladding, fire places, plinths, sills, wall capings and drive way.
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Calibrated Brazilian Flooring Slate
Size Calibration Grey Green Dark Grey
300x300 12mm
400x400 12mm
600x300 10mm N/A
600x400 10mm N/A
600x600 10mm N/A
900x600 10mm N/A
600x300 15mm
600x600 15mm
900x600 15mm
900x900 15mm

Calibrated Brazilian Slate Sills
Size Calibration Grey Green Dark Grey
600x200 25mm
900x200 25mm
1200x200 25mm
1500x200 25mm
1800x200 25mm
2200x200 25mm
900x300 25mm
1200x300 25mm
1500x300 25mm
1800x300 25mm
2200x300 25mm
900x450 25mm
1200x450 25mm
1800x450 25mm
2200x450 25mm
1200x600 25mm
1200x700 25mm
1200x800 25mm
1500x600 25mm
1800x650 25mm